Speco Technologies


Working at a midsized B2B security manufacturer has given me insight into building a strong brand that others recognize and push to work with. Between marketing the solutions and pushing the brand to its’ fullest potential, our team has modernized Speco from its foundational 1960’s beginnings into a security business that is recognized nationally. During my time with Speco I have rebranded the product packaging, website, and directed the video team pushing the boundaries of what a security company can be, amassing a 328% increase in YouTube subscribers with the help of our host. During the pandemic when we were trapped indoors, I saw the opportunity to teach myself the 3D program Blender and have recently started using it in my work at Speco. What’s really cool about this, is getting lifestyle images of the security cameras has never been easier and we can achieve any angle.

The boxes below are the packaging redesign my team created to give Speco a new look and highlight certain features installers (our demographic) often look for when shopping.