Senior Graphic Designer,
3D Design Nerd,
Photographer, Video Editor

Welcome to my portfolio website! I’m Dakota Davis, a senior graphic designer with nearly 5 years of experience at Speco Technologies. Throughout my career, I have honed my skills in creating visually captivating designs that leave a lasting impact.

My passion for design extends beyond just graphic design. I have also dabbled in various other creative disciplines, including 3D design, photography, web design, and video editing. These additional skills have allowed me to approach projects from different angles and provide a holistic design experience.

Beyond the world of design, I find joy in pursuing diverse interests. Woodwork is one such passion of mine, where I enjoy transforming raw materials into beautiful and functional pieces. It’s a creative outlet that complements my design work and allows me to experiment with different textures and forms.

In addition to my creative pursuits, I am an avid follower of politics. Staying informed and engaged in the world around me helps me approach design challenges with a deeper understanding of the current cultural landscape.

I invite you to explore my portfolio, where you’ll find a showcase of my work across various mediums. From captivating graphics to immersive product design, I strive to create experiences that captivate and inspire. Thank you for visiting, and I look forward to connecting with you soon!